Our products

Beeco food wraps are available in different formats depending on the needs.

We start from our Giant for bread down to the smallest ones for the conservation of small fruits and vegetables.

The colors will be a SURPRISE... chosen directly from our assortment of fun and super colorful motifs!



Giant. The right size for wrapping a loaf of bread or a baguette, or for covering big baking tin or big items as half a watermelon


Dim.: 60 x 40 cm

Super Grande


Extra Large. Ideal for wrapping a small loaf of bread, or to cover cakes or a baking tin of tiramisù to go.


Dim.: 40 x 30 cm



Large. Ideal for covering big bowls, plates, wrapping cheese, cakes… Also a great size for wrapping sandwiches for lunches. Or with a few simple folds create a pouch to hold snacks.


Dim.: 35 x 35 cm



Medium. Ideal for covering plates, bowls, wrap a salad straw, half a melon, a piece of cheese…


Dim.: 25 x 25 cm



Small. Ideal for covering small bowls and plates, and for wrapping fruit e veggies


Dim.: 20 x 20 cm

Super piccolo


Extra Small. Ideal for covering glasses, cups, and for wrapping half a lemon, half an avocado, and all the small fruits and veggies.


Dim.: 14 x 14 cm



Bavaglino per bambini in 2 misure

(da 5 a 9 mesi e da 10 a 18 mesi).





La misura ideale per creare una busta per i tuoi snack o un panino.


Dim.: 45 x 45 cm


Reusable food wraps

handmade with love.